Healing the Bladder Meridian

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In this intensive course, we will increase our understanding of the Bladder Meridian, and how it can influence (and be influenced by) the sacrum, pelvic diaphragm, lumbosacral junction, extensors of the hind, peroneals, longest dorsal and the bladder organ.  Utilizing the involuntary mechanism, osteoarticulations, myofascial release, acupressure and visceral manipulation techniques for both horse and rider will take your equine therapy practice to another level following the principles of assessing and balancing the body as a whole.

Students will gain the skills & knowledge to further incorporate the whole body approach of Manual Osteopathic Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts to their existing equine sport therapy practice.

Homework assignments and exams are available in this course for those wishing to pursue certification.

This course has been taken from the Certified Equine Manual Osteopathic & Wellness Practitioner program.  Full course and tuition credit will be applied to those choosing to enrol in the full EMO&WP program.