FIT for Animals presents FIT One – Online Version ONLY


FIT One is designed to establish a foundation so you can give the best care possible for your
animal in order to better understand and address his needs.  More specifically, this FIT One module is focusing on the daily issues every horseman might face. If we can find the “problem” then we can do something about it. To quote Dave Collins, “Most of the problems of resistance we experience with our horses relates to pain or restrictions in the body, NOT attitude. This means if we can find the ‘problem’ then we can do something about it.” Major areas such as the shoulder, hind end and back, along with real life situations are addressed. Through classroom instruction and hands on practical experience you will learn about the physical aspects of the horse such as: the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. 

Students will learn how the skeletal and muscular systems create and influence movement. And, students will learn tools to specifically assess and address key areas. This module will open the door to develop more effective communication between you and your horse. And this connection will only deepen with time.

Students are welcome to bring their own horse.  No riding is required for this module.  Each student will receive a Student Manual, included in the cost of the clinic.

This clinic is a great tool for horse owners looking to increase their knowledge base and assist their own horse.  Certified Therapists will find this clinic beneficial to their existing practice.